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Life on Earth

Single Primordial Ancestor
The living organisms are composed of cells and despite the many differences in appearance and function, all cells have three elements in common: plasma membrane, cytoplasm, and DNA.  Similar biochemical reactions that constitute the metabolism (development, energy production, waste disposal) take place inside the cells. And they contain the hereditary information encoded in molecules of deoxyribonucleic acid, that direct the cellular activities and reproduction. These shared characteristics and the presence of identical or almost identical molecules, demonstrate that every living being is related and they descend from a common ancestor.

Multiple Primordial Ancestors
Nobody can be positive that various types of life didn’t originate on our planet, billions of years ago. But, even if that happened, these hypothetical forms of life —different from the one we know— must have gone extinct very “quickly”, without leaving any trace. The fossil record, instead, tell us that the first cells go back at least 3.5 billion years, they belong to a cyanobacteria-like organism and they are very similar to the modern ones.

Current Primordial Ancestors Formation
Okay, but why aren’t new “ancestors” forming on present-day Earth?  There are two problems. The chemical composition of the oceans and the competition. In the Precambrian, there was no oxygen in the atmosphere/hydrosphere and there was a lot of CO2. Although it may seem absurd, this reducing environment was more conducive to the development of life as we know it. Then, those organisms have evolved, have diversified themselves, have occupied all the possible space, and have become more efficient in exploiting resources, denying the possibility to any other —at this point ineffective— pre-biotic system to develop.

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Photographer Dalton Portella captured these dramatic photos depicting the powerful force of the ocean during stormy weather.

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Seriously, it kills me when I see people hold scientists up as pinnacles of logic and reason.

Because one time the professor I was interning for got punched in the face by another professor, because mine got the funding, and told the other professor his theory was stupid.

This same professor told me to throw rocks to scare the “stupid fucking crabs” into moving so we could count them properly.


thank you

this is one of the best comments this post has recieved

I have witnessed:

Two professors hiding around a corner and snickering, “Shhh, here she comes!” While a female professor approached and, when she finally found them, she proceeded to scream while pointing from one to the other, “You! I called your office but you weren’t there! So I tried to call YOUR office to figure out where HE was but YOU weren’t there!”

Two grad students standing outside a closed and locked door yelling, “Come out of the damn office. You haven’t left for days. If you didn’t have a couch in there I’d be concerned as to where you were sleeping!”

A religious studies professor apologizing for being late to class because, “security stopped me because I’m dressed like a hobbit”

Watched a professor snort the results of my experiment to determine if I had the right final compound.

Two archeology professors toss priceless fossilized teeth back and forth in an attempt to figure out who is smarter by “guessing the type of tooth and species of animal before it lands”

Multiple fully degreed individuals throw dry ice at one another in an attempt to be first to use the lab/get that piece of equipment/or change the iPod song.

A genetics professor build furniture out of stacks of paper and planks of wood because she is that far behind in grading papers/responding. One of the impromptu furniture pieces housed a fish tank.

I could go on but I think that covers the larger portion of the insanity…

Every time it comes around on my dash, it gets better.

I have had a professor buy a huge fuckoff bottle of rum during fieldwork in Costa Rica and let the undergrads get wasted because “you’re not underage in Costa Rica and we’ll be up all night with the bats anyway!”

- Same professor hung a bat from her headlamp and wore it as a decoration for an entire night. 

- A whole swarm of older women - and these are women with PhDs and world-renown bat experts, the bigwigs - all, to a woman, go to the formal charity dinner at an international research symposium in Toronto in late October dressed in skimpy Batgirl costumes. Because Halloween was that weekend, you see.

- At a different conference, a professor get blackout drunk and pass out on the side of the road. 

- “Yeah, we have to say we did it properly for the grant but to be really honest, Miracle-gro works better.”

- Teaching lab: we had liquid nitrogen for a demo, and after class the professor, the other TA, and I spent a good two hours freezing and breaking things in it. 

a chemistry class begins with 30 students nine months later just six of us left sitting on tables dipping paper into contaminated chemicals to see what happens when we burn it teacher making idle suggestions while he marks our work

"go to the fume hood thing, yeah now put some potassium in chlorine" can i burn the results sir? "fuck it sure whatever its tainted anyway"

The prof I’m working for just asked me if I knew how to pick a lock, and when I responded “yes” she replied, “see, this is why I hire the former delinquents instead of the suck-ups. You’re actually useful.”

I then let her into her office.

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Early 70’s behind the scenes of Sesame Street with the Muppets.



The top pic, featuring an orange Oscar the Grouch, is literally the best of the bunch.



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by Blaire Bercy

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Why don’t dogs get to see the world too?

This dog is literally smiling.

Oh my god

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This might be the most influential quote of the whole series.

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Why can’t you be happy for me and then go home and talk about me behind my back like a normal person?

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"I detest the masculine point of view. I am bored by his heroism, virtue, and honour. I think the best these men can do is not talk about themselves anymore."

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Virginia Woolf, The Pargiters: The Novel-Essay Portion of THE YEARS  (via seven72)

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